The Haven Hub is a registered charity, established in 2019, engaged in the provision of mental health wellness education as well as peer support and suicide prevention activities. For more information see 

This document explains how we collect and use your data and also explains your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Why we need to collect your data 

One of the main aims of the Haven Hub is to promote a message of wellbeing in the community and the services that we offer to promote that sense of wellbeing. 

As a consequence, we collect and process data on the visitors to our website to ensure that we are providing valuable information to the people that need that information.. 

Without the ability to promote our services to the community, we would not be in a position to provide them. We need, therefore, to identify that the education and wellness programs we provide are of benefit to the community. 

Without this data we could not effectively determine the need of the services we provide to the community. 

We therefore collect and process this data on the basis that we have a legitimate interest to do so. 

How we obtain your data 

Much of the personal information we hold has been provided directly to us by you. 

We may also collect data from referrals, i.e. where someone else provides your contact details to us in the belief that you may benefit from some of the services/wellness programs/education programs provided by the organisation. 

And finally, we collect data from publicly available sources, typically news articles and online social media. 

How we use your data 

Volunteer Applicants

We collect and process your data in order that we can do some or all of the following:

  • Communicate with you for the purposes of arranging Meet & Greets with the Recruitment team. 
  • Communicate with you through private messaging applications should you successfully apply to become a volunteer
  • This will be primarily for the purposes of arranging shifts or sharing details on the other activities we offer within the organisation
  • Communicate with you any information which may be relevant to the carrying out of your duties as a volunteer. 

Typically, the information we process will include some or all of the following 

  • Your contact details i.e. name, address, email and phone details 
  • General information regarding your age and in case of emergency (ICE) contact information 
  • Your preferences regarding how you wish us to maintain contact with you (although some of these may be mandatory for communications purposes)
  • Information regarding our relationship with you including correspondence, meeting notes (including if you attend an interview to become a volunteer etc...) and attendance at events organised by the organisation. 

General website users 

As a user of the website, you agree to data storage cookies being placed on your device. These cookies gather some data about your device and preferences while using the website. 

Typically, the information we process will include some or all of the following 

  • Your contact details i.e. name, address, email and phone details 
  • Your preferences regarding how you wish us to maintain contact with you 
  • Any other data necessary for the administration of contact with you

Offline service users 

As an offline service user of the organisation, we may need to gather some data about you in order to be able to professionally deliver a service to you. 

Typically, the information we process in this case will include some or all of the following 

  • Your contact details i.e. name, address, email and phone details 
  • Your preferences regarding how you wish us to maintain contact with you 
  • A detailed note-taking of the reason for your contact with the Haven Hub
  • Any other details necessary to follow up with you in provision of our services

How we protect your data 

Keeping your data secure 

We keep your data secure in our database with appropriate security mechanisms in place. 

This database is currently provided by a data processor located outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and therefore may not be subject to the same data protection laws as companies based in Ireland. 

The database in question is a widely respected and trusted product in use globally by many organisations, large and small. We have a detailed contract with this supplier and we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that they provide an adequate level of protection in accordance with GDPR. 

Sharing Your Data 

We do not share your data with anyone else or any other organisation unless it is necessary for the purpose for which you have given us the data

In certain circumstances we will seek your specific permission to share your data.

For example, our peer support workers may share details of your interaction with them with suitably qualified professional people for the purposes of providing further support to you by way of 1:1 counselling. 

In our grant applications, we list anonymised details of all peer support interactions with the grant funding bodies. These anonymised details help us to secure grant funding as they show a clear need for our services and allow us to provide these services to the community. 

How long we keep your data 

We will keep your data for as long as is needed to complete the purpose for which it was originally processed. However, in certain circumstances we will be required by law to retain your data for a longer period of time. 

In general, so long as we maintain an ongoing relationship with you, in whatever form, we will continue to retain your data. 

At any point you may request details of this data and you may also request us to delete this data. Unless we are required by law to retain your data, in practical terms we will generally respond to your request by either supressing or anonymising your data. 

Supressing your data in effect ‘archives’ your data. Not only does this ensure that we will not actively process your data, it also ensures that we do not inadvertently re-add you to our ‘active’ database against your wishes. 

In circumstances where your data includes financial transactions e.g. donations, anonymising your data allows us to keep a record of that transaction (your name and donation amount) while deleting all other data we hold. 

Your Rights 

Under GDPR you have a number of rights in respect of your data and how we process it. 

  • Where our use of your data requires consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time. 
  • Where we rely on Legitimate Interest to process your data, you may ask us to stop doing so. 
  • You may request a copy of the data we hold for you. 
  • You may change or stop the manner in which we communicate with you or process data about you and, if it is not required for the purpose you provided it, then we will do so. Examples of where we may continue to process your data might include an obligation on us arising from our fund agreement with you or an obligation on us arising from the processing of tax relief on a donation. 
  • If you are not satisfied with the way we have processed your data we would like to hear from you directly so that we may address your concerns. However, at any time you have the right to complain directly to the Data Protection Commissioner. 

Contacting us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy notice, about the manner in which we process your data or you simply wish to update your communication preferences i.e. how and about what we contact you, you can advise us in a number of ways