Welcome to the new Haven Hub

Welcome to the new Haven Hub

Since we launched our website in 2021, we've always strived to bring you, our community, the very best information in the most optimal time as we possibly could. Sadly, we haven't been very good at keeping that promise lately. Most of our information has been confined to our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Sometimes Twitter and occasionally, then, LinkedIn.

From today, we are bringing you our entirely newly designed HavenHub.ie. This new website experience was designed by our Director of PR and Media, Pat Doran, who has spent months perfecting the experience that you can expect here on the site (please, if you find any issues, email him on pat@havenhub.ie, he insists). Where broken links and poor visuals existed in our old website, our new platform has given us the ability to update our site quickly and with minimal distraction.

It has somewhat of an e-commerce feel to it, which is good because, in the next few months, we hope to be able to launch some sales of products such as hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, pens etc... to give us a grounding in grassroots fundraising, but so that you can get something in return for your donation.

Some other new features you can expect include the use of our new chat widget. This will only be operational during the opening times of the Crisis Centres, but it has been automated to provide some up to date information so that if you are in crisis when our centres aren't open, you can still find help. We think that you'll find this an invaluable little tool if you find yourself in times of trouble.

As well as this, there's also direct access to our Eventbrite course links. Previously, we would have directed you to these links from our Facebook page or Instagram posts. But now, if you click on the courses section of our website, you will see buttons where you can book directly. Amazing news for those of you who have always needed to send us an email to find out about new course dates.

We hope that you find this new user experience of Haven Hub to be what you would expect of a charity like ours. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please do send us a message.

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